T45 Contract awarded

T45 contract was awarded to L-3 Vertex Aerospace.


Disaster Relief

IAM has an emergency disaster relief fund for those who are in need after the recent storm that caused so much damage in the panhandle area. If you had extensive damage and are in need of help, contact your shop steward or chief steward for assistance.


March Meeting Update

Brothers and Sisters,

On April 19th, we will vote for our International Executive Committee. Accordingly and in preparation, we will be electing three Electors during the regular Business meetings. These three members will oversee and tally results for our lodge. Also, we will begin accepting absentee ballot requests, currently absentee ballots will have the same restrictions as a normal local lodge election. A provision has been made for those members that will be working to request an absentee ballot. We are waiting responses back to determine just how far that exception is to be extended to the membership.


During the January 25th Special Meeting, our local lodge nominated the following slate of Candidates in the upcoming election.

R. Thomas Buffenbarger- International President

Robert Roach Jr. – General Secretary-Treasurer

Robert Martinez Jr. – General Vice President

Mark Blondin- General Vice President

Diane Babineaux- General Vice President

Dora Cervantes- General Vice President

Sito Pantoja- General Vice President

Phillip J .Grubber- General Vice President

Gary R. Allen- General Vice President

Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. – General Vice President

Dave Ritchie- General Vice President

Information on other candidates, to be on the ballot, can be found at the following link.



Today, Jeremy Lau appointed Tracy Hobbs as the interim Chief Steward over the T-6 COMBS contract. The T-6 COMBS contract has members at both Whiting Field and NAS Pensacola and is currently held by DynCorp, International.

“I’m sure that Tracy will do a fine job as Chief Steward. He will bring a new and fresh vitality to the T-6 COMBS bargaining unit and the Local Lodge.” Said, Lau of the appointment.

Nominations for a permanent replacement to outgoing Chief Steward, Phyllis Gonzales, will be held during the regular monthly business meeting on January 25th, 2014 at the local lodge. Election, if necessary will be conducted during the regular business meeting in February.



January 25th Special Meeting

Brother s and Sisiters,


On January 25th, 2014, we will be holding two meetings. One is the regular business meeting beginning at the regular time of 9 am. The second is a Special Meeting for the express purposes of nominating members to the International Executive Committee, to include the offices of International President, General Secretary Treasurer, and all Territorial and Grand Lodge Vice-Presidents. There will be no other business permitted at the Special Meeting.

The Special Meeting will begin at 6 am and recess at 8 am. We will reconvene the meeting at 6 pm and end the Special Meeting at 8 pm. This will allow all members working multiple shifts the opportunity to nominate members in good standing to these very important positions.

To date, the only members requesting nomination are the current incumbents of those offices. We have not received, as of this posting, received a request from any challengers asking to be nominated. Should we receive any requests they will be brought before the members at the Special Meeting.

As always the Special Meeting will be held at the Lodge, located at 3691 Avalon Blvd. Milton, FL.


Jeremy Lau



Brothers and Sisters,


As you know the district recently held Business Representative elections and as a result there are two new business representatives in the district. One of the new business representatives is also from Florida, Brad Smith, making a total of three business representative from Florida. With the change in Florida representatives DBR Steve Pridgen had to make some adjustments to the assigned contracts and local lodges. One of the changes he made was I will no longer be assigned to Local Lodge 2777. Brad Smith has been assigned to your local lodge and its bargaining units.


This transition should be smooth as DBR Steve Pridgen has assigned me to work with Brad throughout the transition. There are a number of things going on in some of your bargaining units as I sit here and write you this e-mail that require immediate attention. You have three arbitrations as of right now that will all be coming up soon, with others potential aarbitrations on the way, but none of these or any other issues going on will be slighted in any way. I will be working with Brad as we navigate through all of these over the coming days and weeks. You will find Brad to be very qualified and experienced with 11 years as the Chief Steward of his bargaining unit, served as the Vice President of local lodge 20, member of the negotiating/grievance committee as well as other positions in the local lodge.


I do want to say “Thank you” to all of you for making my job a whole lot easier by taking care of business when it needed to be taken care of and even when it’s not fun. I also appreciate your work ethics and all the things you do every day for our members that go unspoken. Without you doing the jobs you do, our members would not have the things they have. I know I have not said thanks often enough, but I do want you to know I do appreciate you all. It has been a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to working with you again. Brad and I will be coming out to all the sites next week so that I can introduce him to you all.



Tony Wirth


December Elections

Brothers and Sisters,

This year we have Business Representative elections, as well as, Bargaining Unit Shop Steward elections.

This posting serves as notice to all members and Chief Stewards that nominations for Shop Stewards are to be conducted in ALL areas and shifts, the week immediately following the November 16th, 2013 regular business meeting, November 18th-22nd, 2013. With elections, if required, to be conducted the week preceding the special Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 meeting date, December 2nd -5th, 2013.  This will allow for chief stewards to hold nominations, and post notice of elections as required.

I encourage all eligible members to participate in these very important elections. As, they will impact the future of our contracts going forward.

Training on conducting elections will be conducted following the November meeting for chief stewards and all interested members. Chief stewards should look to the Stewards Resource page on this website for postings regarding the upcoming elections.


Jeremy Lau



Sikorsky Awarded T-6 Contract

Sisters and Brothers,


Sikorsky Support Services Inc., Stratford, Conn., is being awarded an
$110,830,801 indefinite-delivery requirements contract for organizational,
intermediate, and depot level maintenance to support T-34, T-44, and T-6
aircraft. In addition this contract provides logistics support including
labor, services, facilities, equipment, tools, related support equipment,
and direct and indirect material to support 92 T-34, 54 T-44, 42 T-6A, and
181 T-6B aircraft based at the Naval Air Station (NAS) Corpus Christi,
Texas, NAS Whiting Field, Fla., and NAS Pensacola, Fla. Work will be
performed in Corpus Christi, Texas (50 percent), Whiting Field, Fla. (39
percent), Pensacola, Fla. (8 percent), and various sites within the
continental United States (3 percent), and work is expected to be completed
in October 2014. Contract funds will not be obligated at time of award.
Funding will be obligated upon issuance of task orders. This contract was
competitively procured via limited competition and two offers were solicited
and received. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the
contracting activity (N00019-14-D-0003).


Brothers and Sisters,

I will post an e-mail from Business Representative, Tony Wirth, in it’s entirety.


Brothers and Sisters,

PRI-DJI did lose their contract at NAS Whiting. See below for the winning contractor. They do not have any IAM contracts. We will be holding the Sanction Vote next Tuesday. See attached flyer, we will be holding a meeting with the whole bargaining unit after the vote is over to talk strategy and etc. As always, you are all welcome and invited to attend.


Special Notice for PRI-DJI Pre-Strike Sanction Vote 2013

Electronic Metrology Laboratory LLC*, Franklin, Tenn., is being awarded a $9,638,498 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/ indefinite-quantity contract for base operating support services at Naval Air Station Whiting Field. The work to be performed provides for facilities management, facilities investment, pest control, grounds maintenance, other (swimming pools), pavement clearance, electrical, gas, wastewater, water, environmental services, and base support vehicles and equipment. The maximum dollar value including the base period and four option years is $48,887,598. Work will be performed in Milton, Fla., and is expected to be completed by November 2014. Fiscal 2014 operation and maintenance, Navy; fiscal 2014 Navy working capital fund; fiscal 2014 Defense Health Program fund; and fiscal 2014 family housing operations and maintenance contract funds in the amount of $2,557,993 will be obligated at time of award. Contract funds in the amount of $5,076,301 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website with 10 proposals received. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southeast, Jacksonville, Fla., is the contracting activity (N69450-14-D-8000).





M-7 Employees Still on Furlough

It is hard to believe two weeks after the U.S. Congress passed legislation to open the government, we still have approximately 10 members from Whiting Field on furlough. We are waiting for the Navy to restore funding to the program. We will keep all updated with any new developments as we can provide them.


Jeremy Lau