LL2777 Business Representative Nominee’s

Please post these results on all Union boards and as loose leaflets and flyers on all break tables.

The LL2777 five nominees’s for the five Business Representative are as follows.
In no particular order.

  1. Randy Garrett
  2. William “Matt” Griggs
  3. Stephen “Steve” Jordon
  4. Mark Lewellyn
  5. Regina Ullrich-Holmes

Mark Bettis
President LL2777
T6B Quality Assurance, NAS Whiting Field, North
850-748-3356 iamunion@bellsouth.net

Upcoming Event

The runoff nominations election for the five available IAM&AW District  75 Business Representatives positions will be held at the Local Lodge Office located at 3689 Avalon Blvd Milton, Fl. 32570 with the voting times running from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. local time.