Recently all Vertex Contracts have been faced with the uncertainty, and future, of their insurance plans. This affects T-45 Pensacola, T-1 Combs, AIMD, and TH-57 bargaining units which are all part of this Local Lodge. With this in mind the District and Grand Lodge Legal Department have been working closely together to remedy the situation. The attachments below are from our District President and Grand Lodge Legal. Please forward any questions to your negotiating committees so that they may help find the answers that you may seek.

Letter from Brother Tony Bishop to Bargaining Units-

11.28.18 D75 Lttr to Vertex BU Members <<—–Click Here!

Letter from William H. Haller (Associate General Counsel IAMAW) to Vertex-

11.27.18 Ltr to Goerke FINAL Nov 27 18  <<——Click Here!



The committees met with the company and provided them with less than stellar proposals to take to the membership. Nevertheless the sites voted NO to the company’s proposal and will be fighting the proposed changes as Vertex will most likely be implementing the changes and violating the agreed upon Contracts that are already in place.