Info for Members running for Business Rep.

Below is Information for 2 of the brothers running for Business Rep.


Dear Brother and Sisters of Local Lodge 2777


This letter is to inform the members of Local Lodge 2777 that I, Brian Pettipiece, have been nominated for the office of Business Representative, by my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Local Lodge 2766. I am a member in good standing and meet all the requirements set forth in the IAM Constitution and District By-Laws to hold this office if elected.


I am writing today to tell the members a little about myself. I have been a member of the IAM and Local Lodge 2766 since 2009. I have served as a Steward since 2012 and Chief Steward since 2014. In that time, I have had the privilege of helping many members with numerous grievances and successfully negotiated four contracts. I am also a Trustee and District Delegate for Local Lodge 2766.


I am seeking support in the upcoming election because I am very passionate and believe in unionism deeply and want to give back to the members that have empowered and strengthened me. I have seen firsthand what a difference membership does and the positive effects it can make not only in my life but in the lives of all our members. The ability to have a substantial effect on wages, work conditions and job security that is provided by membership is truly incalculable. As a single father I found this bettered the lives of my family as I was able to better focus on the more important tasks of raising two young men without the added stress that I had working Non-Union jobs.


Now I find that with my children having embarked on their own lives I have even more time and want to give back to the Union and its membership. Regardless of the outcome of the pending election I will continue to do everything that I can to strengthen and empower the members of my Contract, Local, District and beyond. I hope that some of you will consider supporting me on March 10.



Brian Pettipiece




Brothers and Sisters of IAM2777,


This letter is to inform you that brother Mark Lewellen is running for Business Rep. for District 75 and has been nominated by the members of local lodge IAM2777 to run for this position. He is also a member in good Standing.

Education: He is a graduate of Crestview High School, Crestview Vocational (Welding), Pensacola State College (Machinist). At the W3 school he has completed Leadership I, II, Advanced Leadership, Train the Trainer, Organization Prep., Organizing I, Organizing II as well as Negotiation Prep. He has been a Chief Steward for 11 years a Shop Steward, on his Grievance Committee, the Strike Committee, Job Description Committee, Negotiations Committee, IAM&AW Veterans Program, Local Lodge Organizer, and a District 75 Trustee.

Accomplishments are he Negotiated our last 5 Contracts, and as a chairman he was on the last three negations. He has also been to arbitrations which resulted in a win.

His goals are. “To serve the members of District 75 to ensure the integrity of your contract, to work with negations committees to lives of you and your families through contract negations and work closely with the chief Stewards to settle grievances to the best of his ability.

He is also been very active in his community. For example he was a Past Master at Masonic Lodge 50, a former Board Member of the CareerSource Escarosa Board (Representing Northwest Florida). A Co-Founder of Northwest Florida Charitable Organization where we raise monies for Guide Dogs of America.

In closing his promise to you and I quote.” I will do my best to serve you to the best of my ability. I believe in our union and what we stand for. Working together accomplish great things for our brothers and sisters.”

His contact in formation is as follows.

Mark Lewellyn

6200 Hwy. 393

Crestview ,Florida, 32539

PH#         850-699-2823

email #